Freedom Where is Freedom

Freedom where is freedom
Women rowed in hues
Turning and twisting backs
To barren derelict veld
Humming their pain away
To get food for tomorrow
Ploughing beans and maize
Under the name
“wake up and do it for yourself programme”

Where is Freedom
Baba Dladla demands to know
He sits on the bank stool
In the seething sun
Warming his body.
From ice tine house
Dirty attire and muddy slippers
His head has not seen the comb
Nor his beard shaved

Barefooted tiny legs
And ballooned belly kids
Skipping old panty house
In the stream of sewerage furrow
From the blocked sewer
Have seen Freedom, they say
It was on Television in the morning

Our Votes Our Rights

The man comes to our homes
Kisses our dirty children,
Gives us peanut butter or food parcel
Asks us problems
We say No jobs, no food
And rodents everywhere
He says, he is the answer
He says he is a candidate
We must vote him
On the day we stand in the long line
Without sitting nor eating
We go to the booth
Looking for your holiness
We X the messiah
We X his party the liberator
We get our thumbs painted black.
To brag to our neighbours
Who don’t have green books

We go home, prepare supper
Which might be the last
Before we hunt and catch another supper
We wear our old inherited attires
Shoemaker man cannot release our shoes
Without payment
We wear sandals in the biting winter
We wear old jerseys bitten by rats on the elbow

Our saviour comes
Kicks our dogs and insulted our children
Cuts electricity
Cuts water
And says there is nothing for free

Then is another five years
Other elections
Another time for the rights that
Solomon Mahlangu was executed for
Biko killed for
And Mandela incarcerated for

We vote again
Our hopes are pumped again
With high hopes
We vote again and again
Like an Addict who is addicted to a poison

And we vote again
Our hopes are inflated and deflated
Our poverty remains
But We vote for the man again
And we say to our party till death do us apart
And We vote again……. And again 

Struggle against evictions

Propelled by greed, pity and shame
To construct mountains of wealth
To inflate pockets and stomachs
Blood suckers, vampires
Dinning from oozing blood of our mothers
Who lost houses
Profit maximisation is the game
Play by dog which eats another
To build the empire of bourgeoisie
Captained by land moguls and wealth owners
Resistance is outlawed by the rule of the money
Sheriff and the constable
The servants of the landlord and the bureaucrat
His finger is ready
To pull trigger
To pump bolts in the chest of Thabo Mokgethi in defence of profits
Mothers are sobbing
From the from the pain of losing children
Today Nhlanhla Masuku and Dennis Mathibedi have perished
For fighting for shelter
Engraved right in the constitution.
Raise you’re your fist for solidarity
Raise your flag of struggle
March in throngs
Carry in your heart
The spirit of martyrs
Hintsa and Bambatha
Masuku and Mathibedi
Fight like Thabo Mokget
To defend our houses

Sing songs of heroes
Heroes of Ncome and Thaba Bosiu
Heroes of Soweto and Sharpeville
No Retreat, No surrender
Fight Evictions

Betrayed Youth

Lost generation or
Lost memory of
Struggle for dignity for all
Forgotten by elites
Whose snorts are digging the trough
Herded for corner
Shrine of slander raids
Against passerby prey
Drowned in laughter
And swiftly killing the sun
He is a betrayed youth
From the pass one pass all generation

Crowded in scullery,
Of monotonous matchbox houses
Sleeping on the concrete floor
In a buggy blankets
Shared with cockroaches
Dreams Dreams
Entering the gates of umsobomvu
Meeting comrade in ventricose
To help his venture
You don’t qualify he is told
It only a dream
For betrayed youth

Lost in spirit and down
Punched by nightmare
Neatly ironed newspaper
With trembling fingers
Rolled paper to channel powder smoke,
To soothe the brain
From tormenting dream
Days puff is over,
Money is finished

Energised by poison powder and tablet
Waits at the corner
For the next prey
He kicks, clubs and gun the target
To quench his sadistic gallantry
He is a betrayed youth
From the class of OBE            

Mohale Wa Ntwa o Fihlile

Mohale wa ntwa
Lesole la tokoloho
Tokoloho ya maafrika
Kgahlanong le bo koloniale lekgethollo
Tseleng ya hae Otshetse donoka bo Limpopo le Zambezi
O tlotse mellwane
Bo Beit bridge le chirundu
O hahlautse mahlathe a maholo
O tetse bothja le thuto
Ailo batla sebetsa sa tokoloho
Kgahlanong le  maburu le bokapitale

Kajeno mohale o fihlile lapeng
Afrika Borwa enthja, e kgabang ka mebalabala
Afrika borwa ya Bokapitale le bokoloniale bothja

O fihlile, ka nonyana ya tshepe ya borithane
Sefihlile sefofane OR
Diphetoho tsa bonahala

Tsela eyang lapeng e apere diphetoho
Boyamafofane Jan Smuts ke OR Tambo kajeno
Straydom drive ke  Nelson Mandela Drive
Ka bothjabela ho mmila o kgahlanyetswa ke Ramaphosa Squatter camp
Lepatlelo la ntwa kgahlanong la baditjhaba

Dikilometara tse  pedi ka bophirima ke Slovo squatter camp
Le Holomisa Squatter camp lepatlelo la ntwa ya merabe.

La kena lesole mabaleng
Medidietsane ya utlwala Dunusa
Kajeno es ele Winnie Mandela squatter camp
Ho tlotla mothei wa Mandela United Football Club
Le mofumahadi wa Ntate Nelson Mandela

Lefihlile lesole, Lesole la tokoloho

Judas of the South

Rainbow miracle
Carrying a magic wand to unify adversaries
Madiba Magic an ointment for Bafana Victory
And Amabokeboke

Gravy train of the bourgeoisie
Moving In top Gear to nowhere
Buying arms, to kill joviality of RDP
RDP a beautiful lass for the lowly and the lofty
To build dignity of the South
And mend relations of the foe and the friend
Betrayed and crucified on the altar of World Bank
By Judas of the South
For the offset bread crumbs


Love to hate others
Love to kill others
Love for attention
Like a hyperactive infant
Who throws objects at himself to
To injure himself
Deception, manipulation of unsuspecting masses
To turn their spears harmless
Who unblock lavatories and do garden jobs
South African play by idle cowards and morons
Motivated by
And kill for joy

The life of the many

Many are ruled
Many live in tin or madhouses
Drink water in rivers with donkeys
Eat in the rubble with pigs

Wakes in the wee hours
To catch cramped trains
Work in freezing workshops
And earn bread crumbs
From the table of the few
Who live in glass houses
wakes late, kisses children to school
Drive comforts
Sit and play solitaire in the office
And earn fortune

Are the many cursed?
Are the few lucky chosen?
Or is it just business as usual
In the office of Capitalism

The Sinking Ship

Dinosaur, Titanic or is he?
Hoofing to warriors tune
trimmed by cowskin and tire sandals
Clutching baton from Polokwane
Passop, If you are a homosexual
He will knock you down
Passop if you are a school child
He will send you to Bantustans
He is a pilot, driving the ship of the nation
To the distant rocky waters
All trusted are seated
Sipping red wine and blue cheese
The small man is the left
His red sox is the only exhibit
The Big man is the ultra-left
His red blood is the only exhibit
The stroppy envious small boy is trumpeting
At the mines and the misses
Don’t throw stone when you are
Inside glass ship
He is warned

The sentry is checking coast outside
The trouble is now brewing in and out
The child is hungry the mother is dying
The house is burning and
The granny is thirsty
There is no money to buy water card
And no money for food
Destroy the ship
Called the workers and the loafers
The ship is cracked
Water is streaming in
And the pilot is marrying again     

Love is beautiful, love is free

Like a bright spring blossom
flourishes on untarred, derelict road
sweet aromatic fragrance
love is sweet
Buzzing like a brute worker bee,
Stings, wound lonely heart
And takes eternal refuge in hearts
Creed, creature and colour blind
Dismantle all frontiers
to pierce world hearts
with bows and arrows

melts frozen sorrows
rams raised egos
and puncture pomposity
heals envy and escape gossips
love is beautiful and free


Is produced by mother nature
To nature her children
It is water that ooze from fountains and wells
To quench the the thirst of white earth
Water is now caged
By human greed
Bottled by business
Priced by markets
To profit the capital